The USPs of the ALUVATION system


The comprehensive ALUVATION system stands out for its modular construction; each functional unit is covered by a separate, dedicated module. These modules can be assembled in any configuration the customer needs. That means identical modules can be combined to increase processing volume, or different modules can be combined to expand functional volume. The Industry 4.0 control software the system uses also has a modular construction. Treatment profiles are saved centrally, and are retrieved and applied according to the coding of the goods carriers, also constructed by ALUVATION.


Since the modules are built to a standardized size matrix, they can be transported from one location to another without extra expense. The modules are fully wired, and require just 1 – 5 days to set up. Thanks to its modular construction, the ALUVATION system makes all processes mobile. They can be handled either in the ATC (ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn), an AC (ALUVATION Center, service provider / franchise) or at the OEM’s location.


Since all processes and treatment protocols are tested and certified at the ATC, they can be used in any ALUVATION system operation without being re-certified. For example, during a pilot series or production ramp-up, manufacturers can start a process in the ATC Paderborn and then continue it later on at any national or international OEM location. It’s also possible to move a process to an AC near the OEM.

Additional USPs

  • Use of the relayr 4.0 IoT software with the predictive maintenance tool displays potential faults and upcoming service even in the development phase, so as to avoid as much downtime and faulty treatment as possible.
  • That’s why our insurance partners offer us such low price coverage for this residual risk.
  • Customer products retain their positive life cycle assessments. Keywords: Green footprint, Carbon footprint
  • The ALUVATION system includes the full heat treatment process: process development, test phase, certification, goods carrier construction, providing the module, transportation and setup, monitoring and documentation, service and maintenance
  • Heat treatment modules in a uniform size (8–15 m L / 3.00 m W / 3.50 m H)
  • Transparent calculation and detailed parts costing

ALUVATION works with relayr and Tenova LOI Thermprocess to develop an IIoT system (Industrial Internet of Things).

This includes:

  • Controlling and monitoring all modules
  • Customized, predictive equipment maintenance
  • Integrated data storage
  • Central recording and evaluation
  • Synchronization of all processes through centralized data and recipe storage

In summary

The ALUVATION system represents a turning point in industrial heat treatment: away from static, non-flexible systems and long transportation routes and towards a mobile, modular, and standardized system that fully meets the needs of modern, flexible, and above all ecological production.

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