System examples

ALUVATION system examples

The examples presented here represent only a very small sample of possible combinations. All modules can be combined to match any possible profile of requirements. In addition to the modules we already offer, and those presented at ALUMINIUM 2016, additional modules are in planning. Of course, we can also develop customer-specific modules and integrate them into existing systems.

And when one production is finished, the modules are simply re-assembled and easily re-constructed at their new production location in just a few days. The ALUVATION system can grow dynamically with you and your specific needs.

The ALUVATION system is the first system with a practically plug-in ready design: The truck arrives, the modules are unloaded and set in position, then connected – and you’re ready to start production!

Customers also have the option of outsourcing their heat treatment using modules in the ATC ALUVATION Technology Center in Paderborn or an ALUVATION Center (AC). The entire process can also be handled at a later time – for instance, once the customer has available space for the equipment – in just a few days and directly at the customer’s location.

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