Process including plant technology for rent

heat treatment on demand

A package consisting of heat treatment process, remote process monitoring, plant technology and service, as well as data management available for rent to customers to meet their need.

  • Heat treatment of aluminium components on the basis of standardized mobile and modular furnace systems – a patented system
  • A furnace system that is transportable, flexible, and ready for operation at the client’s location within just a few days.
  • A flexible system that follows the demand for your products. Economically feasible, yet optimal provision of capacity on site.
  • Ecological sustainability through lower energy requirements and fewer emissions.

Idea – Vision – Product

Our solution

Making systems available that are ready for operation within a few days at the desired location of the customer is an economically optimized and expandable option.

Economic benefit for the customer:

The standardized ALUVATION modules of a mobile, integrated heat treatment system allow processes to be developed through to readiness for series production without having constructed the final production system. In this way, typical development cycles are shortened significantly. The ALUVATION plant systems can be set up in the same configuration at different locations, but will always deliver the same heat treatment results.

Conserving resources:

While maintaining the same reliability and quality offered by traditional production systems on the market, the mobile ALUVATION plant systems allow users to reduce transportation distances and energy consumption, saving resources. Each customer can thus make a positive contribution to protecting the environment and improve the green footprint of their products.

Modules become processes

Unique selling point:

  • Centralized process control by the ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn
  • Centralized remote process monitoring
  • Centralized predictive maintenance
  • Manufacturing processes are controlled centrally for all ALUVATION plant systems and thus enable the shortest possible production releases.

Standardized plant technology:

Thanks to the standardized design of the ALUVATION modules, once released, process parameters can be multiplied as often as needed to other ALUVATION systems - no matter where these systems are positioned. The customer can assemble, combine, and extend their individual system according to their requirement profile.

Control over the heat treatment process:

Our claim as a technology leader is to make available the highest quality and precision at all times for customer-specific process development and implementation. An IoT-based monitoring solution guarantees the central control of the processes by the ALUVATION Technology Center. All you need to do is provide the space, the power supply, and a data line, and we take care of the rest!

Complete heat treatment package:

The customer can flexibly rent their individual heat treatment process including installation of the system. We also offer: Process development, product carrier development and production, laboratory services, project management, and consulting in plant design.

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