Innovative quenching products ALUDUR 3000® and ALUDUR 6000® by ALUVATION

We have launched successfully an innovative and powerful company with expertises in surface cleaning and surface treatment, we have launched successfully two new product developments in the field of quenching media basing on polymer: ALUDUR 3000® and ALUDUR 6000®.

ALUDUR 3000® is a specific polymer product for the quenching of thin-walled structural parts with complex characteristics that are especially used in electrically driven vehicles.

E-mobilty is a future segment in automotive industry and intelligent quenching solutions have to contribute to the new requirements of the modified vehicle constructions and achieve better results than the quenching media air or water.

Extensive tests show that ALUDUR 3000® reaches a cooling gradient between 10 K/s and 25 K/s.

ALUDUR 6000® is a polymer product that was developed particularly for an optimal quenching of massive components, e.g. cylinder heads, crankcases, alloy wheels as well as aluminium cast bars and aluminium cast plates.

For our customers, we offer an interesting package: test series with the quenching products ALUDUR 3000® and ALUDUR 6000® in the laboratory and test facilities of the ALUVATION Technology Center.

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CEO & Founder
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