The heat treatment of the future

The increasing requirements placed on heat treated parts, shorter product cycles, and a need for more flexible production adjustments – in terms of both volume and workpiece properties – are creating a whole new set of demands for heat treatment processes.

The ALUVATION system and its many different USPs has the solution. These three features represent the key benefits of the ALUVATION system:

  • modular
  • mobil
  • standardized

All in one!

The ALUVATION system is revolutionizing heat treatment in many different sectors:

For the first time, it is possible to provide heat treatment on standardized equipment. Processes are handled on equipment with identical usable space, meaning they only need to be certified once. That means ALUVATION allows operators to expand and multiply any process to meet their needs in the future.

The ALUVATION system includes development of a complete process. In the ATC (Aluvation Technology Center), everything centers around the customer’s product: Process development is handled there, providing products ready for series production. This also includes developing optimized goods carriers and completing pre-series production. The full system package is rounded off by highly modern remote monitoring and equipment maintenance by the ATC.

Unique: The customer rents this overall process to meet their needs, including the modules used. Customers can decide whether they want to handle processes as part of their production, or outsource them to the ATC to be handled by us, or even to one of the ALUVATION centers (AC) currently under construction.

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