Heat treatment as a service in the ATC

Heat treatment as a service in the ATC


  • heat treatment T5, T6 und T7 quenching media: air, water, polymer
  • stress relief heat treatment, recrystallization annealing stabilization annealing, soft annealing
  • aluminium alloys / casting alloys / wrought alloys
  • range of temperature: 80 to 570 degrees Celsius dimensions: 5.400 x 1.700 x 1.700 mm maximum weight per part: 6 tons

Process development

The process starts with developing a custom heat treatment process for each component. The ALUVATION Technology Center (ATC) in Paderborn offers the option of early development, so that the entire process, including system technology, is determined for each component after the design phase is complete.

We handle the whole process, from solution annealing, quenching, and aging, to aligning and testing, on our equipment in the ATC. At the same time, we design and build the goods carriers customers need (standardized dimensions: 1,700 x 1,700 x 1,700 mm).

Systems engineering:

Our furnace modules in the ATC work using a roller hearth, and can be used as both batch furnaces and continuous feed systems. Extremely homogeneous air circulation with specially developed air duct systems heats materials using electricity.

The advantage of using electric heating in the equipment is that it allows for highly precise temperature control of less than +- 3 degrees Celsius. The heat-up phase can also be shortened significantly, saving costs for customers.

Multiple batch and continuous furnace modules, an AirQuench module, and a MediaQuench module are available as furnace modules in the Paderborn location.

ALUVATION works with relayr and Tenova LOI Thermprocess to develop an IIoT system (Industrial Internet of Things).

This includes:

  • Controlling and monitoring all modules
  • Customized, predictive equipment maintenance
  • Integrated data storage
  • Central recording and evaluation
  • Synchronization of all processes through centralized data and recipe storage

Callback service

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