Intelligent product carrier systems

Benefits and USPs of ALUVATION product carrier systems

Cost saving and economy of time

  • reusable base carrier construction for many different types of components
  • reduction of heating / cooling phase with the help of customized adjustable component pick-up devices
  • leightweight construction of the ALUVATION base carriers system
  • high-quality steel ensures durability of the system

Flexibility and quality optimization

  • adjustment unit according to the component including adjusting device ensure an optimization of process and product quality
  • product-specific stacking unit usable for automation processing
  • in-house-production: customized development and short delivery time
  • ALUVATION-laboratory: tests in lab scale, 3D-geometry measurements before and after the process

Which components need a product carrier?

We can construct specific product carriers for all types of components and all types of furnaces

Main relevant components:

  • engine components (crankcases, cylinder heads, etc.)
  • chassis parts (subframes, wishbones, etc.)
  • structure components (suspension struts, side members, etc.)

Two elements: Base carrier and rack including component pick-up

What are the characteristics of a base carrier?

  • plant-specific transport unit
  • durable construction
  • reusable for many different types of components

Component pick-up

  • optimized positioning of the components
  • reduces heating phase and cooling phase => energy savings
  • improving of the component quality

Product details and customer benefits

Quality improvement through production optimization

Quality improvement through production optimization

  • defined part positioning
  • customized secure stacking unit
  • product-specific stacking unit
  • suitable for automation systems
  • integration of forklift shoes

Our laboratory – scope of services concerning development of product carriers

  • development of product carriers in laboratory scale
  • predevelopment of the heat treatment process
  • geometry measurements of components and racks before and after the heat treatment process
  • optimized configuration of racks for temperature distribution measurements in serial processes
  • 3D-measurements – tactile or visual

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