A franchise system makes heat treatment mobile

The customer can have heat treatment completed on equipment in the Aluvation Technology Center (ATC) in Paderborn, for instance if their order volume is still low.

The customer can select any of the Aluvation Centers (AC) we’re building around the world to handle its heat treatment.

If the customer’s needs increase, or if they have high needs and demand flexibility right from the start, the module units they need can be constructed at their location within 1-5 days. The customer has the module installed in its production facility and handles heat treatment at its location.


For ALUVATION, flexible and reliable service is key. This is why we are currently working to develop a franchise system, with the goal of constructing a network of Alluvation Centers (AC) for heat treatment operated by certified partners around the world. Aluvation Centers are currently in planning for multiple locations in Germany, and we are also working on inquiries from India, the USA, Austria, Spain, and Portugal. Additional centers will be added in other national markets.

The founding and installing of ALUVATION Centers (AC) in Germany represents an innovative and exciting “upgrade” to the existing surface finishing segment. Thanks to the addition of heat treatment, companies that currently only wash and coat aluminum components can now easily add another service to their portfolio. Combining their operations with the modular ALUVATION system allows surface coating companies to turn their business into an “Aluvation Center,” providing standardized heat treatment as part of their portfolio. And they can do it all without the barrier of high investment costs - instead, they receive transparent leasing conditions to match their order volumes.

Industry 4.0

  • all modules are networked through the ATC (ALUVATION Technology Center)
  • coded goods carriers retrieve the recipe from a central location in real time
  • central recording and analysis of process data
  • predictive maintenance - maintenance before a disruption occurs

IoT based monitoring

This includes:

  • Controlling and monitoring all modules
  • Customized, predictive equipment maintenance
  • Integrated data storage
  • Central recording and evaluation
  • Synchronization of all processes through centralized data and recipe storage

Our partners and certifications