ALUVATION – a company with years of experience

Our passion is the intelligent heat treatment of aluminium components. As a new technology company, ALUVATION founder Markus Belte and his team bring many decades of industry experience and valuable knowledge about innovative heat treatment technologies.

The ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH focuses its competences on two business areas:

1. At the ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn (ATC), the customer receives the complete heat treatment package from a single source.
The process parameters of the respective recipe for the heat treatment of the aluminium components, such as temperature, holding time in the furnace, outsourcing, and the appropriate quenching process, are worked out and defined individually for each component together with the customer.

In addition, ALUVATION takes care of the precise development and design of the product carriers adapted to each component, in order to achieve optimum warming or cooling of the parts during each heat treatment process.

The ATC covers the entire process of heat treatment: From the development of the respective process parameters, the design and manufacture of the specific product carriers, through to the test and series runs, to process control, data analysis, and electronic data archiving.

2. The System ALUVATION® – developed and patented by ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH – makes heat treatment mobile and on demand: A complete package, consisting of heat treatment process, remote process monitoring, plant provisioning, plant service, and data management, can be rented by the customer as needed and cost-effectively. On request, each customer can then commission their individual heat treatment process including the plant system at the desired location within a few days - ALUVATION manages and takes care of everything.

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