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Without heat treatment as we know it today, modern vehicle construction would be impossible. There would be no way to design powerful, environmentally-friendly, lightweight, and long-lasting engines without modern heat treatment. Heat treatment also makes lightweight and crash-resistant car bodies possible.

And we’re just getting started with this development!

The market for heat-treated components will grow by a factor of 5 – 7-fold over the next 3 – 5 years. The ALUVATION system is the first system that allows OEMs to flexibly adapt heat treatment to the current requirements of their production sequences.



Since the modules are built to a standardized size matrix, they can be transported from one location to another without extra expense. The modules are fully wired, and require just 1 – 5 days ...


The comprehensive ALUVATION system stands out for its modular construction; each functional unit is covered by a separate, dedicated module. These modules can be assembled in any configuration the ...


Since all processes and treatment protocols are tested and certified at the ATC, they can be used in any ALUVATION system operation without being re-certified. For example, during...


Since the 1990s, the name Markus Belte has been synonymous with innovative and forward-thinking heat treatment processes for aluminum components in the automotive industry. He has been launching pioneering developments since then, many of which have become market standards. In 1998, Markus Belte developed a groundbreaking process for heat treating installed structural components for the first compact class vehicle with an all-aluminum chassis. In 1999/2000, he introduced heat treatment of engine mounts for the top sedan made by a premium German manufacturer. Afterwards, he developed the market’s first specialized heat treatment process for cylinder heads and engine blocks for diesel vehicles for another premium German manufacturer. He has continued to work on numerous joint projects and research and development work with all of the automotive industry’s biggest names. These innovations are closely connected to the patented polymer technology Markus Belte has developed for quenching after the first heat treatment step.


Thanks to the more intensive use of aluminum components in current and future automobiles, heat treatment will become more and more important in manufacturing the aluminum components manufacturers need. At the same time, the importance of heat treatment as a process step is increasing, due to the growing complexity of requirements placed on components.

This is where ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH steps in - the technology company was founded by Markus Belte in October of 2016. ALUVATION is reinterpreting integrated heat treatment by offering a full range of services for heat treating automotive components. These services include process development, equipment provision, data recording, and data processing.

Heat treatment as a service in the ATC

The process starts with developing a custom heat treatment process for each component. The ALUVATION Technology Center (ATC) in Paderborn offers the option of early development, so that the entire process, including system technology, is determined for each component after the design phase is complete.

We handle the whole process, from solution annealing, quenching, and aging, to aligning and testing, on our equipment in the ATC. At the same time, we design and build the goods carriers customers need (standardized dimensions: 1,700 x 1,700 x 1,700 mm).

Careers with perspective

ALUVATION is a fast-growing, tech-focused, and innovative company with flat hierarchies. We offer employees varied and interesting work, and diverse prospects for their own careers.

We are looking for colleagues who can see the big picture, and who want to contribute their ideas, their passion, and their commitment to strengthen our team. We are growing, and we need engineers, technicians, and salespeople – we’re seeking both specialists and generalists with a vision.


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